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Our Chemical Projects & Researches

Our process simulation covers all the engineering process design, FEED, FEL, cost estimation, utilities...Just go to our process simulation page.

Chemical Projects & Researches

oil refinery distillation tower.jpg
Distillation column Analysis & Design

Design of the continuous crude oil separation. This comprises of feed stream, Condenser, Reboiler and all the control sensors to check the operating conditions such as temperature, pressure, and residence time for different fractions... Read more

modular cesalter process
30,000 barrel/day Modular Desalter Process Plant Design

Desalter module ready to be used for 20,000 - 30,000 barrel per day crude oil  

chemical process plant for water-oil emulsion separation
The 10,000L capacity Water-Oil separator Design 

The Chemical process plant for water-oil emulsion separation

G03-400x400 Industrial piping system 2.jpg
3D Steam Distribution Model Plant & Design

3D Simulation/modeling of steam distribution system for Desalter process

3d model of a globe valve for desalter process
3d model of a globe valve for the desalter process. The Navier-stoke and the Peng-Robinson thermodynamic equation of state principles were applied
3D Simulation Analysis of Globe Valve 

3d model of a globe valve for the desalter process. The Navier-stoke and the Peng-Robinson thermodynamic equation of state principles were applied. 

Work as usual: Controls installation

Engineer installing the control system unit for an input feed oil refinery

Offshore Industry oil and gas production petroleum pipeline..jpg
Piping & Instrumentation Design & construction

The piping layout for a 30,000 - 40,000 barrel/day refinery. It was designed with prospect of refinery expansion 

Modular Refinery

Designed and optimised the complex modular refinery with process control systems in place for homogenous continuous production of various fractions.

Reactor Installation

The view of the chemical reactor plant designed with all the valves and control units for controlling the process variables

Simulation of Vacuum Gas Oil Hyrotreater.png
Hydrotreater simulation

Simulation of a Vacuum distillation column for hydrotreater

fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCC) in a modern chemical factory. equipment of oil refiner
The Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit Design

The fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) reactor for a 30,000 barrel/day 

Work as Usual: Drawing and analysis of P& ID

Piping and instrumentation drawing 

PDE for analysis of systems.PNG
Research: Use of PDE

This was a research on how to model chemical plants and Oil and gas processes using Partial Differential Equations (PDE). For more information please read on

G03-400x400 (3).jpg
MSDS in collaboration with AK Process & Project Engineering embarked on chemical analysis for various crude oil feeds, complex chemical components used as emulsifiers and various chemical material safety data sheet (MSDS) safety compilations as part of United Kingdom regulations for  chemical processing industry.

Road Construction using Asphalt/Bitumen

Research: Asphalt Making Potential of Nigerian Bitumen/Heavy Oil

 Analysis of tar road constructed from Nigerian Heavy Oil (Marshall Test) and its feasibility as road aggregate binder.

Modelling through Mathematics
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