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The followings are the services we provide:​​


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Chemical Process
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Chemical Process Design!

Chemical Analysis!

Chemical and physical properties of input feeds of materials used for processes are vital to the performance of any industrial process. Oil Refinery is not an exceptional case. We start off any process development by having all the detailed information about the input feed for the process since this will have a direct impact on the process performance.


Thus, we follow the American society for testing and measurement (ASTM) and we strive to meet international standards for all the physical properties or chemical composition of samples of used before process modelling. 

Product Quality Control Management
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Product Analysis

Chemical Engineering Consultant 

We support our clients develop their concepts and actualising their mission. We are conscious of how precious time is, thus we work round the clock to give our clients the best.  

We carry out a feasibility study factoring in the available science and technical prowess, economic, legal, and scheduling considerations—to ascertain the prospect of completing the venture successfully.

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Chemical Analyst
Chemical consultant

Chemical Engineering Management 

Piping of Reactors and mixing tanks