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About Us

We will exceed your expectations!

chemical structure
Animated Atomic structure
Equation from dimensional analysis

We are proud to be Chemical Engineers, leading the next generation engineers.

Pushing the boundaries of Chemical processes and control

We are here to support all our clients. The followings are the services we provide:

  • Process and Design Flow Engineering assurance.

  • Process and pipeline simulation/modelling and actualisation.

  • Conceptual engineering studies for production facilities, pipelines, and terminals.

  • Cost estimation and auditing.

  • Project management and scheduling from feasibility assessment.

Expert in batch and continuous process in pharmaceutical and Chemical process flow industries including Oil and Gas refinery. 

Success Story

Our Success Story

processing oil tank

We have  Pipeline and Chemical process Engineering consultant engineers with an excellent track record. They have supported establishments with over £500 million in capital projects with a 100% success rate both on new and retrofit projects. We have engineers that have studied and retrofitted full-scale Oil and gas Chemical processes, involving newly built state-of-the-art engineering process control, and have worked with various inter-departmental coordination of engineers to deliver Just-in-time deliverables.

Chemical Analysis
We are environmentally conscious
oil refinery distillation column
Batch Production
Both Students and Professional work together

Community Development

We also have professional Engineering lecturers at Higher Education (HE) Engineering College and University groups in the United Kingdom, developing upcoming engineers in various disciplines, including Chemical process engineering, Fluid mechanics, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Strength of Materials, Mechanical Principles, Thermodynamics, and Engineering Science.

Lecturer delivery lecture

Bridging the gap between theory and practical/Real-life engineering applications.

Community Development
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