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Process Engineering

A process is said to be a dynamical system when the important parameters that define the behaviour of the system change over time. For example, the temperature of a room may change over time. Cold during the night and hot in the afternoon. Well, we all want our room to be warm.


Control systems are needed to handle such changes in the process parameter. Thus, it is important to understand the process dynamics when a control system is designed. The picture here is a simulation model of a Desalter process used is removing dissolved salts, gas, and some other impurities that may affect the pipeline later on creating what is called Fouling.

The parameters of interest in a Desalter process include; Temperature, the Crude Oil composition, The Electric field for the electrostatic to polarise the fluid, pressure in the process, and the residence time, just to mention but few parameters. 




Mathematically, the process dynamics can be described by differential equations using all the parameters mentioned. Thus, if we are interested in the conductivity of the crude oil before and after the separation, this will give us an indication of how the salts (which are polarised compounds) have been separated from the crude oil.

We can relate all these parameters using dimensional analysis on the Desalter parameters, then we will arrive at this equation.

defining variable used for modelling
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Desalter process

Desalter Process Design

differential equation
differential equation
differential equation

For more information regarding how we can help with process modelling, process optimisation and retrofitting, contact us using the link provided below or fill out the agreement form

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Project engineering

Project Engineering


We assist our client methodically in creating project plans, executing the plan in a professional, yet on time from project initiation to the final part of the project. We also develop resources,  load the schedule to monitor and controls work scope, track actual key indication performance (KIP) against the plan, inform clients and stakeholders of changes, search and present a resolution to mitigate and avoid future variances occurrence, and forecast project evaluation at completion based on trends and most likely outcome.

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Our Project Engineers not only work tirelessly to deliver the best, they also work as a team of professionals.


They work with you and treat your deliverable as precious as a doctor will do until we hit the target on time

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