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Chemical Process Reactor 

We design units of operations, including mixers, and reactors, and set up the control units ...

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Simulation of Chemical Processes

Simulations are used to model chemical processes for easier optimizations of unit operations. We use the best software available to give you the best output from your chemical processes. 

We provide detailed process simulations for chemical processes, oil and gas processes. Our process simulation also includes process flow charts, cost estimations, material flow data, mass and energy balances, energy utility, various operating conditions, unit of operation sizing and more.

Chemical Process Plant

Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)can be incorporated to process simulation to provide control to the systems.

Simulation of Recent Complex Chemical Plant
3D Simulation of Chemical Plant newly built
Process reactor as unit of op.


Importance of Chemical Processes Simulation

Reduce energy consumption and save resources.  

For Oil Refinery, we will be able to model the unit of operations and see the output we can derive from the specified crude feed and the capacity required (20,000 barrels/day)

Waste Minimization: The simulation will provide a number of products that can be produced and optimisation can be carried out efficiently.

Detects risks, thereby protecting human lives. For example which unit has a high temperature and as such needs to be controlled more effectively 

Efficiency Improvement: maximise the crude feed by converting some part of it to useful product

The simulation will provide Investment risk reduction since you know the unit of operations you need.

Simulation is important


Process Flow Diagrams

This is a powerful tool used by chemical engineers to sequentially link units of operations together to carry out material balance, Energy balance, and various important parameters that affect the whole process.

Each of the unit operations can be easily identified and optimisation carried out.

3D Process Flow Diagram
Process flow diagram


Process Dimensional Analysis 

At times unit of operation in a subprocess might be so complex that it's not easy to work out how the important parameters are related to each other. This is where we bring in the "Big guys", so to speak. Dimensional analysis can be used to relate all the parameters together. And with the help of experiments, we can narrow down the equation to manageable numbers to find ways to optimise your process. Of course, we will still make use of data from your unit of operations. The equation below is one of the thousands of equations derived for processes using the right combinations of parameters.

Modelling through Mathematics
Dimensional analysis
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